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Access at SCHOOL and HOME

Accelerated Reader


Take a STAR reading test.

Log in information
User Name:  ID number
Password:  District desktop password

  1. Scroll down to where it says STAR Reading (It is the last selection on the list.)
  2. Click on Take a Test

To take a quiz on a book that you have read do the following:

  1. Log in
  2. Click on Accelerated Reader
  3. Click on Take a Quiz
  4. Choose your Teacher
  5. Click on Take a Reading Practice Quiz (It is the first selection.)
  6. Type in the title or the author of your book (Misspelled words will bring up NO results.)


Need a little help in choosing a book to read?

Want to read something that's like the last book YOU read?

Then click on the


and get your answer


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Orange County Public Libraries

Go to Orange County Public Libraries

Click on the magnifying glass to search the catalog