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Choosing the best type of school for you:

  1. What are your career goals?
  2. What does your academic record look like?
  3. What's your learning style?
  4. What do you want out of your college experience?
  5. What is your financial situation?

To attend any 4-year,
students should aim:

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-To follow the A-G requirements when selecting high school courses

-To get great grades all four years (D's are not accepted by most four year colleges)

-Be involved and find something you love to do! (clubs, community service, art courses, athletics etc.)

-The nation’s largest 4-year public university, with 23 campuses
-Educates the most ethnically, economically & academically diverse student body in the nation 
-Renowned for the quality of its teaching & preparing job-ready graduates

-Build career skills
-Transfer to four-year colleges & universities.
-Smaller campuses & staff
-Low course fees
-Open admissions (only need a High School diploma or G.E.D.)

-9 campuses
-800 degree programs
-Pays attention to your extracurricular activities (clubs, community service, art courses, athletics etc.)
-UC schools are highly regarded and top-ranked.
-Avg. tuition $14,100
-Mostly large cities in California

-Usually smaller in size
-More expensive than public schools
-Often academically rigorous
-Tend to offer less degrees & major options than public schools

-Distance learning has become a popular & convenient means for students to get a quality education
-It can be difficult to juggle so many responsibilities in life, they can be a hindrance to those who want to pursue their education further & open themselves up to better job opportunities. 

-CTE (career technical education) -Nontraditional educational path
-Vocational training
-Job-oriented studies

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