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Equitable Athletic Participation Data

Equitable Athletic Participation Data (PDF)

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Participation in athletics at Costa Mesa High School is a privilege, not a right, and selection to many of the sport programs is dependent on showing the necessary skills and abilities of that particular sport.


Continued inclusion in all sports at Costa Mesa High School is dependent on displaying: good citizenship in both the school and community, a positive attitude, strong effort, consistent attendance and continual punctuality. Insubordination, poor effort, multiple absences or multiple tardies are all reasons for dismissal from a sport program and accompanying PE Athletic class.


The time commitment and level of participation in an Athletics PE class, even in the offseason, are much greater than that of a regular PE class. PE Athletics classes practicing during 7th or 8th period rarely get released by the normal end of the school day (3:05).


Regardless of the actual practice time, PE Athletics classes are the same as all other CMHS classes in that a student-athlete must attend all practices unless they have an excused absence (Please contact coaches prior to any missed practices).


To be in a PE Athletic class:


  • The student-athlete needs to be participating in that sport for CMHS during that school year or the following school year.
  • The student-athlete must turn in a completed Athletics Clearance Packet at the start of the school year.
  • The student-athlete must get prior approval from the head coach to be in the class.


    Student-athletes quitting a sport during the season will be placed in a regular PE class and will not be able to change to another athletic class until the end of the season, at which time they may request to join a different PE Athletics class at the approval of the coach. If the athlete is a junior or senior and they do not need PE credit, they will be dropped from athletics.


    All NMUSD athletic teams operate with the understanding that selection will be based solely on demonstrated performance and not due to any outside affiliations (e.g. Club Teams) nor participation in offseason voluntary fee based athletic camps.


    Additionally, all extra-curricular activities (including athletics) within NMUSD operate free of charge to all of our students. While donations or contributions may be requested, there is no connection to a student’s ability to participate and their ability/willingness to contribute financially.


    NMUSD programs, activities, and student clubs are available to all persons without regard to actual or perceived ancestry, age, color disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or association with a person or a group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. 


Communication Protocol for Conflict Resolution

For communication not specific to an individual coach, the first contact for concerns about any phase of the athletic program is the Athletic Director.  This may be done either verbally or in writing. 

Communication concerning District athletic programs and personnel are welcomed when motivated by a sincere desire to improve the quality of an athletic program and/or an athlete’s participation therein.  Please adhere to the following district athletic communication protocol:

  1. Player-coach (to empower our athletes to learn responsibility, they must communicate their concerns/questions directly to their coach before having someone else do this for them.  Every effort should be made to resolve the problem at this level.)
  2. Player-coach-parent (if an issue still needs to be resolved after step 1, the player and coach should set up a meeting which will include the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the player.  Communication with a coach regarding a concern should never take place at or immediately after a game or event.)
  3. Player-coach-parent-Athletic Director (If an issue still needs to be resolved after step 2, the Athletic Director will set up a meeting with all those involved.)

Please note that since the player and coach are the only two people who work together on a daily basis, both should be included in all communications.  Remember that playing time and level or position placement are the sole responsibility and discretion of the coach.

After following steps 1-3, any unresolved issues can be referred to the school’s administrator in charge of Athletics by submitting a written, signed “statement of concern” (S.O.C.).  This S.O.C. must include the following:  Name of coach, specific sport and level of competition, general athletic concern involved, and brief but specific summary of the nature of the issue and the facts surrounding same.  Once the signed, completed S.O.C. is received by the administrator in charge of athletics, a meeting including all parties involved will be scheduled for this purpose of resolving the issue.

Reprisals will not be taken against any parent or student athlete for expressing their concerns or for participating in the conflict resolution process.


Try-out dates for all sports are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control. 
Please contact the coach directly for up to date information regarding try-outs for their sport.
 You must have a current physical and insurance information on file in the athletic office prior to any and all try-outs. 
All athletes must be cleared through the athletic department for participation; no exceptions.

2017-2018 Data - Athletic Participation

Total Enrollment of the School, classified by gender:

Boys 623    Girls 546

Number of pupils enrolled at the school who participate in competitive athletics, classified by gender:

CIF – Boys 428   Girls 260; Non-CIF Official Sport – Boys 3  Girls 109

NFHS Activities – Includes Band, Vocal, Theatre, Drill Team and Dance Team – 410


Number of boys’ and girls’ teams, classified by sport and competition level:

12 Boys Sports: 29 Teams : Baseball (JV/V), Basketball (FS/JV/V), XCountry (FS/JV/V), Football (FS/V), Golf (JV/V), Soccer (FS/JV/V), Swimming and Diving (JV/V), Tennis (JV/V), Track & Field (FS/V), Volleyball (FS/JV/V), Water Polo (FS/JV/V), Wrestling (JV/V)

11 Girls Sports: 21 Teams: Basketball (V), XCountry (JV/V), Golf (V), Soccer (JV/V), Softball (JV/V), Swimming and Diving (JV/V), Tennis (JV/V), Track & Field (FS/V), Volleyball (FS/JV/V), Water Polo (FS/JV/V), Wrestling (V)

Total number of players on a team roster on the first official day of team competition:

Boys: Baseball (30); Basketball (40); XCountry (32); Football (70); Golf (15); Soccer (57); Swimming & Diving (23); Tennis (23); Track & Field (44); Volleyball (29); Water Polo (29); Wrestling (36)

Girls: Softball (33); Basketball (9); XCountry (17); Golf (9); Soccer (36); Swimming & Diving (32); Tennis (21); Track & Field (39); Volleyball (28); Water Polo (34); Wrestling (2)


Mustang Parents

Participation in Athletic Competition (AR 6145.2)

The District’s athletic program shall be free from discrimination and discriminatory practices in accordance with state and federal law. The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that equivalent athletic opportunities are provided for both sexes.


Interscholastic, intramural, and/or club athletics participation is open to all persons, without regard to race, color, ancestry, national origin, immigration status, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression or the perception of one or more of such characteristics; or association with a person or a group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.


Administrative Regulation (AR) 6145.2 – Athletic Competition outlines the considerations to determine whether equivalent opportunities are available to both sexes, as well as the criteria used to ensure the District’s athletic program effectively accommodates the interests and abilities of both sexes in athletics.


Any complaint alleging unlawful discrimination within the district’s athletic program shall be filed in accordance with the District’s BP 1312.3 – Uniform Complaint Procedures.


A copy of AR 6145.2 – Athletic Competition is available at

CIF Blue Book

NMUSD Athletic Website


Please click here to access the Athletic Handbook

Athletic Handbook


Athletic Office

Victoria Shears

(714) 424-8708  

Fax: (714) 424-8770

Athletic Director

Sharon Uhl 

(714) 424-8754

Mike Ofer


Athletic Trainer  

David McNeil

(714) 424-8763




The mission of the CMHS athletics program is to enrich the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being of all student athletes by providing cooperative and competitive opportunities which foster the development of lifelong values of sportsmanship commitment, integrity, teamwork, individual effort, and good citizenship.


  • Students are our highest priority
  • Participation in high school interscholastic athletics is an important part of a student’s overall education experience and is a privilege, not a right.
  • Student athletes have an inherent responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the values of the CIF as well as the school, district, league, and community that they represent.
  • Open an honest communication and mutual respect among coaches, parents and athletes provide the foundation of a successful athletic program.  Positive parental support and involvement enhance student growth and program quality.
  • All stakeholders involved, including members of athletic teams, pep and/or cheer squads, coaches, faculty members, parents, booster club members, spectators, and volunteers have a duty to assure their sports programs impart important life skills and promote the development of sportsmanship, good character, and pursuing victory with honor.

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