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Co-Principal's Message

Dear Costa Mesa Middle School Students and Parents,

Thank you all for a wonderful first week of a new school year 2021-2022! At the conclusion of our last school year, there were hopes for a new school year with in person learning and resuming our school activities, athletics, and arts program. Unfortunately, the pandemic of 2020 continues to spread and with the guidance from our state, California Department of Public Health, and Orange County Health Authority we needed to start with distance learning. Our staff, students, and families did their best last Spring to cope and deal with learning from home and although not ideal, everyone tried their best. Knowing we are starting with distance learning, our staff understands there are challenges with building relationships and community online with new students, the importance of utilizing technology to deliver high quality and meaningful learning, and to provide ample support for students learning from home and on their own. Our teachers collaborated and created Mesa Online Learning Expectations to help students and families understand common expectations with distance learning while providing tips and strategies on how to be successful with distance learning. 

As we begin a new school year, I am delighted to share with you changes taking place within our middle school curriculum. Over the past year, our middle school staff has engaged in discussions regarding transitioning to a single level in English Language Arts and Social Studies. Middle School principals from other sites have shared their insights on how moving to one level has strengthened the teaching and learning happening in all classrooms for all students. We believe the single level benefits students through increasing flexibility in the master schedule for more opportunities to take elective classes, enrichment/enhancement will be available for all students, teachers will maximize learning opportunities through differentiated instruction, and all students will have access to high quality instruction to demonstrate mastery of content standards. Some may ask will students be prepared for honors or AP classes starting in 9th grade and the answer is yes, we will have more 8th grade students eligible to be placed into honors or Advanced Placement courses starting in High School. Currently, the middle school is still offering the Enhanced Math 7+8 course for students entering in the 7th grade and eligibility for this course is determined through examining student data which includes Math Transition Benchmark, SBAC, and grades from 6th grade. 

We look forward to working with you and your child, and together we can ensure every student is presented with opportunities to flourish academically, athletically, and artistically at CMMS. We are committed to providing a school environment focused on the following components of success:

·     A safe learning environment

·     Rigorous and engaging instruction

·     Clear, concise, and consistent expectations

·     Meaningful parent participation

·     Collaboration among all stakeholders

·     Academic Intervention and enrichment

·     Data-driven Instructional practices

·     Access to current and emerging technology

The staff at Costa Mesa Middle School are excited to meet all our new middle school students and to start building relationships with all of them. We understand the start of this school year may not be like other years and challenges lie ahead with moving in and out of school closures, but no matter what we will give our students and staff the best we can as we overcome these challenges together. 

Please stay safe and be healthy!

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#MesaWay #MesaNation #MesaStrong


Dr. Eugene Kwong
Principal, Costa Mesa Middle School