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Work Permit/Job Board

REquest a Work Permit

CMHS Work Permit Process

If you are a current CMHS student and need a Work Permit:

Step 1: Complete a Work Permit Application 

(Applications can also be found in the College & Career Center)     

  • Complete Work Permit Application

    • All fields must be completed and signed, including employer section

  • Gather Photo Identification (Student ID, State Issued ID or License, Passport)

Step 2: Turn in Completed Documentation to Your School

Once your application is filled out, turn in completed Work Permit Application and a copy of your Photo Identification (refer to the above list for acceptable types) to Front Office.



Step 3: Receive your Work Permit

Work permits can be picked up at the front office. 

Once you receive your executed work permit, you will need to complete the following:

  • Sign the Student field of the executed work permit.

  • Deliver fully executed work permit to employee

If you have any questions about the process, please contact Student Records at 714-424-5064.


Entertainment Work Permits:

Please follow steps below to apply for an Entertainment Work Permit:

  • Contact the California Department of Industrial Relations to review steps on completing the application.

  • Once the application is completed, you will need to submit it to your school site for review and processing of the school portion.

  • The school site will complete the Attendance, Grades, and Health fields, and return the application to the parent. It is then the parent's responsibility to contact the appropriate agency authorized to issue Entertainment Work Permits.

Tips for success!

  • Check with your school site on the turnaround time for processing work permits.

  • Make sure all fields on the work permit are completed, including the employer section.

  • You must have a job offer already in place before requesting a work permit.

  • Make sure the Work Permit is legible.

  • Make sure you provide all required documentation to the school site.